A scrap is nothing but recyclable materials left over from the manufacturing and consumption of a product. Talking about metal scrap, it is nothing but waste metal residue that is capable of getting recycled. A category of metal scrap is ferrous scrap, which is the metal residue that contains some degree of iron in it. This blog will guide you through the different types of metal scraps, their properties, and benefits.

What is Metal Scrap?

In simple words, it is a combination of waste metal, metallic material, and any other product that contains metal and is capable of getting recycled. This kind of scrap gets generated from vehicle parts, building projects, and surplus project materials. Do not mistake this scrap as garbage. This kind of metal scrap has tremendous monetary value, and therefore the number of metal scrap suppliers in India has also increased. The reason behind the high value of this scrap metal is due to its ability to get re-used again and again. The list of scrap metal items includes steel scrap, aluminium scrap, etc. Metal Scrap is classified into two categories: ferrous and non-ferrous scrap.

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What is Ferrous Scrap?

Metals are broadly classified as ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Ferrous metals or alloys are the ones that contain iron and include steel, Gray iron, and malleable iron. If we talk about the properties of ferrous metals, their magnetic attraction is one property which is generally used to identify them. however, this magnetic attraction differs from alloy to alloy. For example, the list of the ferrous metals also contains stainless steel, but it is not magnetically attracted due to the lower concentration of iron present in it.

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The metal waste from ferrous metals is referred to as ferrous scrap. The most popularly and widely recycled ferrous scrap includes steel and iron. Steel and iron are now found in almost everything and everywhere. Therefore, the amount of this scrap generated is also more, which is of great value. This has led to a boost of ferrous scrap suppliers across the nation.

What is Non-Ferrous Scrap?

The next category of scrap metal classification is non-ferrous scrap. This scrap also has a high value in the market. These are the metals that do not contain iron in them and are more resistant to corrosion. The most common non-ferrous scrap involves the recycling of copper, brass, zinc, aluminium, lead, tin, and nickel.

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Properties and Benefits of Both Metals

Talking about the properties, ferrous metals are the ones that contain some percentage of iron in them, whereas non-ferrous are the ones which do not contain any iron in them. the scrap generated from both these metals is of equal value in the market. Scrap metal recycling comes with various economic and environmental benefits. Recycling scrap requires less energy than producing steel from iron ore. The cost required to recycle is lesser than producing new iron ore.

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