Are you in search of a top-notch quality steel wire coil? Have you been fed up with all the poor-quality stuff you got to lay your hands on? Worry no more, as you have come at the right place. Sundar Steel is undeniably one of the best steel wire coil manufacturers. We are a premium company which offers high-end steel wire coil at a reasonable price range.

Steel Wire Coil

Sundar Steel, one of the leading steel wire coil suppliers, offers highly flexible and soft coils. We draw the low carbon steel wire into different lengths and shapes according to their usage. Our steel wire coil includes different significant elements like zinc, iron, carbon, copper, nickel, and so on. We have hot metal billets, which we roll into 5 mm thick steel bars. Then we further pull the wire to different diameters, make the pore size narrower. Our advanced mechanism makes the wires go through multiple processes such as annealing, cooling, plating, and various other processing techniques.

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Types of Steel Wire Coils

At Sundar Steel, one of the top MS wire coil suppliers, you will get access to different types of low carbon steel wire:

  • Categorisation on the basis of the type of processing steel wire:
  1. Thermally untreated
  2. Heat-treated or annealed
  • Categorisation on the basis of the type of surface:
  1. Copper coated or galvanised.
  2. No cover is there at all.
  3. Wires have heat-treated coatings without light.

Types of Steel Coils


By going through the specifications of our steel wire coils, you will be able to get a deeper understanding of the premium quality of our wires:

  • Material: Mild steel wire, low/high carbon steel wire, 304L, 304, 316L, 316 stainless-steel wire
  • Wire Diameter: 0.20 to 9 mm
  • Tensile Strength: 40 to 85 kg per mm2
  • Standard: ASTM A555, A581M, ASTM A493-16
Steel Wire Coil Manufacturer

Why Choose Sundar Steel?

  • Years of Experience: Sundar Steel has been offering premium steel wire coil for many years now to highly esteemed and valuable clients. Our experience has made us all the more capable and outstanding.
  • Hardworking and Knowledgeable Team: We have a team of dedicated, knowledgeable, hardworking, well-trained, certified, and trustworthy professionals who strive to deliver the best output for our clients.
  • Cost-Effective Products: Are you running low on budget? We offer all our premium wires at highly competitive rates.

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