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Sundar Steel Industries- Top-notch Metal Scrap Suppliers in Vizag

Metal scrap can be an exceedingly valuable source for the production of heavy-duty metal products. But finding out the right metal scrap suppliers can be quite difficult indeed. If you are looking for one, then you are definitely in the right place. Sundar Steel is one of the most highly reputed metal scrap suppliers in India. Also, we are popular among our highly-esteemed clients because of our premium quality recycled scrap metalWe are a renowned and permanent name in the metal scrap market in IndiaThe metal scrap which we collect are a combination of a metallic material as well as waste metal. 

Top-notch Metal Scrap

Scrap Metal

Scrap Metals

Scrap metal is basically a very useful source for the production of industrial metals, such as zinc, lead, aluminium, copper, steel, etc. At Sundar Steel, we successfully remove any kind of impurities from them, like paint, fabric, wood, plastic, etc. With our advanced technology, we make it possible to dilute these undesirable impurities into tolerable portions or add pure metal to them. If no other way is left, we remove them completely.

Scrap Metal Classification

Scrap metals can be classified broadly into two categories

Non-Ferrous Scrap Metals

Non-Ferrous Scrap Metals 

Generally, non-ferrous scrap metals tend to be more valuable than ferrous metals.

List of Metal Scrap Products



This is one of the most common items in the scrap material list. It is actively used in manufacturing chairs, cars, shelves, and household appliances.



We recycle scrap iron to make new products by melting the scrap using our advanced technology.

Copper Scrap


As a scrap metal, copper tends to fetch a nice amount. So it is quite a good idea to mint some money by holding onto your old copper products and selling them out as copper scrap metal.

Aluminium Scrap


Aluminium is an inseparable part of the list of scrap metal items because it is highly versatile, and offers a swift turnaround time from scrap metal to brand-new product or packaging item.

Brass Scrap


This is a bit heavy metal and can be used to make bathroom faucets, keys, door handles etc.

Scrap Metal Suppliers

We, at Sundar Steel, are one of the leading scrap metal suppliers in Vizag. You can reach out to us for some of the finest metal products made out of metal scrap. Also, you can get some high-quality scrap metal from us and use them as per your requirement. Get in touch with us today to lay your hands, on valuable scrap metals.