Iron and steel processors

Steel Making

Steel Making is often a complicated process of converting iron ore into Steel. In general, Steel Making is the second step in producing steel from the Iron ore, here the impurities are removed from the Raw iron ore and some elements are added to produce the steel which is required.

Modern steelmaking is often divided into two parts. One is Primary Steel and Another one is Secondary Steel.

Generally, there are two processes of converting iron ore into two. Those are Primary Steel and Secondary Steel. In those, we manufacture both the primary and secondary steel which are the perfect fit for our clients required. We mainly produce a large quantity of primary steel rather secondary steel.

Two parts of conversion process

Iron and steel processors

Primary Steel Making

The primary steel making often uses new iron and usually from a blast furnace. Oxygen Steel Making is the main method of making Primary steel. In this process, carbon-rich molten pig iron which is created in the blast is made into the Steel.

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Secondary Steel Making

In this process, the steel will be produced mainly by refined further and the composition of it is altered according to the produce of Good Quality steel. In this process of refining and alloying lots of things will be involved such as degassing, IRUT and a lot more.

Metal Scrap Products

We pride ourselves on manufacturing metal Scrap products from the Metal Scrap. We manufacture a wide variety of steel products that are able to meet our customers uses.

We collect metal scrap which is the combination of waste metal and metallic material of the product which can be recycled. With those metal scrap, we will be creating the finest metal scrap products.”

Our Metal Scrap Products:

  • Metal Scrap
  • Re-rollable Scrap
  • HMS 1
  • HMS 1&2
  • Plate Cut Pieces
  • Motor Scrap
  • Copper Scrap
  • Gun Metal
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Structural Cut Pieces.
Metal Scrap Supplier
Ferrous Scrap Supplier

Ferrous Scrap

At Sundar Steel, we manufacture ferrous scrap with the unwanted IRON and Steel products and will recycle those to create the new steel products. We manufacture a wide variety of steel products which are loved by our customers.

We often produce products that are highly engineered such as Flats, Angeles, Squares, Rounds, Plates and so on.

Ferrous Scrap Products:

  • Flats
  • Angeles
  • Squares
  • Rounds
  • Plates
  • TMT Bars
  • Pipes