JSW Steel Limited has now announced the enrollment of Sundar Steel Industries as its prime distributor for Krishna District to Srikakulam District.

Sundar Steel industries is a company pioneering new approaches in the making of Steel. Today JSW has announced us as the new distributor for NEO Steel TMT Bar Products for entire Krishna to Srikakulam district.

JSW Steel is popularly known for its high-quality services throughout India. Like JSW Steel Sundar steel also maintains high quality and we’re popularly known for our self-contained & high-quality services in Visakhapatnam. The collaboration between these two has been great news for all the small Steel Distributors.

Jsw steel join hands with Sundar steel in Andhra pradesh

Sundar Steel MD has stated that “we’re very happy to work with JSW Steel Ltd.” He also stated that the retail and project department is very much excited to be working with JSW Steel for their Neo TMT bars.

Sundar Steel Industries knowledge will come handy to the JSW Steel in the Costa Andhra Market. As they are already dealing with dealers, contractors and working on other project clients and offering them TMT steel to the City and Rural Places as well.

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Currently, JSW is having 18 MPTA Capacity in 2020 those are easily extended to 30 MPTA. Along with these the company is having around 110 factories in India and overseas.

So, JSW is a high blooming steel company in the world undoubtedly. Looking forward to better collaboration and better business.