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One of the very commonly used construction materials, TMT bars (Thermo-Mechanically Treated) provide the needed sturdiness for the building structures and ensure their longevity. The different types of TMT bars are manufactured using the thermo-mechanical treatment, which involves the passing of the rolled steels’ wires into the Tempo core water cooling systems that helps in toughening the core of the outer steel and leaving the inner core incredibly soft.


Due to the TMT bars weight, they are ideal to be used at projects for residential construction, bridges, multi-storey buildings, and various other engineering projects; the top-quality TMT bars manufacturers and TMT bars suppliers offer an affordable TMT bars rate, and at the same time a wide variety of them.

Application & Grades

The prevalent grades of the TMT steel bar that are used in the construction industry include the following:

Sunder Steel Fe 415

Fe 415

These TMT bars have higher elongation that are uniform and are widely used in RCC constructions, such as in the areas where there is moderate corrosion as well as a zone of earthquakes.

Sunder Steel Fe 500

Fe 500

These TMT bars confer stronger resistance to corrosion, flexibility, and resistance to the dynamic loading. Hence, it is used in RCC construction projects such as bridges, buildings, and varied concrete projects.


Fe 550

This TMT bar is similar to that of Fe-500 properties. However, it has a varied yield and tensile strength. This grade is very commonly used in the coastal, marine, and the underground environment.

Sunder Steel Fe 600

Fe 600

This grade is considered as a high-end for the TMT steel bars. It is formidable in its appearance. When it comes to high-yield and tensile strength, it scores the best out of all. Fe – 600 gets employed in the extensive RCC construction processes.


Some of the common TMT bars benefits and features include

  • High and ductile strength
  • High elongation
  • Enhanced bendability
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Better wide ability

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