JSW Steel TMT bars are marketed as JSW NEOSteel bars. These bars are made in the primary manufacturing process to guarantee purity and higher quality.

About JSW NEOSteel  

JSW NEOSteel is a high-intensity HYQST (High Yield Quenched and Self Tempered) TMT bar. JSW NEOSteel complies with Indian, American, British and Australian requirements. JSW steel distributor also addresses particular consumer needs with the procurement of customised products and assures the provision of specialist resources for commodity and end-use applications. It is made in grade Fe-500 & Fe-500D, grade Fe-550D, grade Fe-600 and grade CRS.

JSW Steel Products  

JSW Steel has played a leading role in the Indian steel industry by introducing revolutionary and new JSW steel products. During the last two decades, the organisation has always been at the front line of the roofing and wall segments by launching galvalume and paint coated products. Pursuing this trend, the JSW steel traders have introduced another innovative product in this market, JSW Everglow. 

JSW Steel Products

JSW Everglow is a colour-coated steel fabric that offers stunning and creative roofing and wall approaches. Super-premium and technically superior, it ranks high on aesthetics and is the first commodity in the group of roofing solutions providing paint coating on both sides. JSW Everglow gives consumers value-added proposals based on beauty. 

The introduction of this product is under JSW Steel’s plan to improve its range of value-added products. With a close focus on the changing tastes of Indian customers and new trends, JSW Steel will proceed to lead the charge in innovation. 

JSW NEOSteel Benefits  

There are some of the reasons why JSW NEOSteel TMT bars are still commonly used in building projects:

Higher Power  

The modern metallurgical processes used in the development of TMT bars toughen their outer layer and make them at least 20% tougher than the bars provided by the aged cold twisting method.

High Ductility

Elongation is characterised as the capacity of the bar to deform before fracture. If the level of elongation is greater, the likelihood of damage to the house are smaller. It prevents the building from destruction during any natural disaster, including an earthquake. 

Special Features of Bending

TMT bars may be twisted and shaped into any form for a building project. The bending and rebending properties of these bars make them the best materials to deal with. They have a soft ferrite-pearl core that gives them high ductility along with high strength and improved protection for every structure. 

Properties for Corrosion Resistance

TMT bars undergo a controlled cooling mechanism that avoids the development of any coarse carbide, the leading cause of corrosion in standard bars. When used in building projects, TMT bars are subjected to water for too long; throughout that time, the anti-corrosive qualities of these bars improve their lifetime.

Fatigues Immune Properties  

These bars have the rare capacity to endure the strain and withstand fatigue. The soft ferrite-pearl foundation of the TMT bars allows them to carry some kind of loading, even seismic loading. This intense fatigue-resistant quality makes them the most suitable building material for earthquake-prone places.


The state-of-the-art and technologically sophisticated bar rod mills for development are shipped from Danieli, Italy, and Morgan, USA. Sundar Steel is the Official JSW steel distributor for Coastal AP.